Sunday, June 13, 2010

Single window mode - wonderful for the user, horrible for the developer

Some of you may have seen the single window mode introduced in 2.7. It's wonderful to use (no need to suffer anymore from the huge amount of floating docks!). You can dock all the dialogs on the sides and customize the location and size of every one of them. All, inside the main window!

New features in this screenshot are layer groups, resource tagging, on-canvas text editing and on canvas dialogs, single window mode and paint-dynamics dialog (you can configure each dynamics settings in more way than you can imagine :D)
But, here is the catch - you can't save this layout! Every time you start Gimp, you will have to go to Windows->Single-Window Mode to enable this, and the location of the docks won't be saved. In other words, you have to rearrange the window layout every time, when using single window mode.
And to make it worse, when trying to fix this mitch warned me:
you actually picked the most evil current problem ;-)
Having to set your layout again every time IS VERY ANNOYING.  I'll try to fix this, but after looking at it I'm sure it's not going to be easy. Oh well, someone has to do this =) Starting this at the middle of the night (an hour ago) wasn't so smart - I'll go to sleep and do this (or at least try to) sometime during this week...

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