Thursday, July 8, 2010


I'm back - Finished all the university tests finally!
Some updates:
  • I got myself a working windows computer again on which I can test the compilation of GIMP - and this time it much faster (last time it was a computer with a disk access throught the network and the connection speed made the compilation 24 hours long...). I'll try to get this fixed as quickly as possible (and the IT at the university are trying to find me an even better windows computer).
  • I missed the 2.7.1 release with my PDF plugin - I had too many tests...
  • Decided to be a bit artistic - I submitted the new icon for the cage transform tool - you can take a look at it here.
  • After finishing my course in Multicore Programming, I decided to try to do something practical with it. I'll be experimenting with multicore plugins for GIMP over the next week and I'll see what's possible (if any).

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