Saturday, November 6, 2010

New GEGL operation!


As I mentioned, I started working on some gegl operations, and I'm glad to announnce my first official gegl operation - whirl and pinch! This operation is a port of the known gimp plugin to gegl (since eventually every gimp plugin will have to be ported).

How to install it (linux users):
  1. Copy the file operations/workshop/whirl-pinch.c (from inside gegl's source tree) into ~/.local/gegl-0.1/plug-ins/
  2. Make sure your enviroment contains gegl's build dependancies
  3. Type 'make' inside ~/.local/gegl-0.1/plug-ins/

Now, you will be able to access the operation inside gimp (using the "GEGL Operation" tool) and get a live on-canvas preview of it!

Whirl and pinch gegl op!
"Whirl and Pinch" live on canvas!
BTW - last night I closed 6 gimp bugs :)


  1. Many Many Thanks, do you think sb could make some gegl ops with Scheme? I would (when I would have time) do TRY it... (or is compilation necessary?)

    But the interpreter is (more or less obsolete for those operations)...

    thx in advance

  2. @andreasp: I'm afraid that it's not possible to write gegl ops in scheme - as far as I know only C is supported (and probably also C++ with the right definitions).

    I may be wrong though - Better ask the GEGL guru pippin (you can find him on irc://