Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gimp Updates: Multi-Colored Text, PDF Export, Hebrew Translation and more...

Here are some quick updates from the last several days:
  • First announcement: GIMP is currently being translated to Hebrew!
    As a Hebrew speaker, I was very disappointed from the state of the Hebrew translation of GIMP. So, I decided to start and translate it, and I already fixed several bugs to make the translation to Hebrew easier.
    The translation is going on well, and I'll start updating the main git repository with the translations soon.
  • I have some progress on the PDF export from GIMP. Hopefully it will be committed this week - all the blocking issues were resolved and basically all I need to do is to connect the GUI.
  • I did try to implement multicolored text support in GIMP (several colors in the same layer) and it failed for the most annoying reason - text in gimp was rendered as an alpha mask for a color layer.
    Mitch fixed it recently, so this means that I'll be able to retry my patch somewhere soon.
And finally, I have to say that I'm quitting (at least for now) the attempt to save single window mode layout in GIMP. It's not so practical right now, since the object which hold the data (GimpDockWindow in swm and GimpColumn in mwm) are being destroyed when switching between modes.
After discussing it with Martin, I understood fixing this is not trivial, so I'm not going to do it anywhere soon...


  1. hi, what's the state of hebrew translation?
    can i help?
    is there a downloadable file anywhere?


  2. There's lots to help both in translations and in other stuff - thanks for offerring your help :) Email me (lightningismyname at gmail dot com) or catch with me on the GIMP irc at the #gimp channel (I prefer the IRC).

    I don't have time to translate since I'm coding right now a GIMP project :( I'll hopefully get back to translation when I'm done with my project.
    You can get the translations in a platform dependant way, but in most places it's installed by default and just needs to be configured to be used :)