Monday, July 19, 2010

GIMP suggestion - Improved Gradient Tool

A quick suggetion for GIMP's Gradient Tool (Maybe I'll have time to implement it sometime :P):

A quick UI Mockup
Click to view in fullsize

Basically there are two things I always wanted to do with the gradient tool:
  1. Shift a gradient so that it's end wraps to it's beginning (See illustration)
  2. Colorize a gradient using an external color - This can be used for all the glossy/metalic gradients; Simply create one grayscale gradient and apply the right color each time.
    Alternatively, instead of colorizing a gradient, add an option to rotate it's Hue - this might be even more powerful since this will support even more user cases.
  •  The first suggestion can not be accomplished currently in any trivial way, except for creating a new shifted gradient (yuck!). 
  • The UI for the second suggestion needs some work - Where would we display the updated gradient? Directly on the usual preview area or in a separate view?
  • The second suggestion doesn't bring any new capabilities - it can be currently done by using the gradient tool and then using some color tool. But, the one step approach is far more easier.


  1. The colorization thing is clearly a GEGL based feature :)

  2. prokoudine: I'm not sure I'm going to GEGL'ize a tool for this trivial(?) change :P Also I'm not sure I want to wait until this happens since who knows when will it happen? =)

    GSoC next year sounds like a good candidate to GEGLize the tools, but I don't see it happening any sooner...