Monday, February 28, 2011

GIMP Developer Meeting

Today (February 28th, 2011), at 10pm CET a meeting of GIMP developers is scheduled on the GIMP developer IRC.

  • GSoC 2011 - ORG Application deadline is in 11 days!
  • Bug fixing priorities
  • Future development?
  • Make an official wiki working again (i.e. make pointing at it)! Can be done either by making the official wiki, or potentially using some other available servers (will be discussed in depth on the meeting)
  • Make a roadmap on the official wiki
  • Try and decide on clear release policy for beta builds - I personally would like to see more recent beta releases, and the last one was 7 months ago!
  • Anything else? =)
If you want to discuss GIMP's future, GSoC this year, and just listen, please come. We will meet on irc:// (Users without IRC client can connect using this link).

Edit: The wrong time was displayed - it's february 28th, not the 27th

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