Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First GIMP Developer Meeting - A success!

I worked hard to arrange it, but it paid off - We had a serious gimp developer meeting, with most developers attending it :)

Thee meeting page, including the agenda and log can be found at:

Some of the decided actions in the meeting:
  1. schumaml and LightningIsMyName fix wgo?
    wgo is a shortcut for the GIMP main website - we need it to have auto-updates again
  2. Alexia and mitch take care of redirecting wiki.gimp.org
    We need to make the domain point back at a working wiki, the original one died of spam and Alexia Death has a new working one here
  3. Enselic makes a draft of a GIMP roadmap and sends to gimp-developer
    Let's get some priorities!
  4. everybody subscribe to bug mail and TRIAGE BUGS
    We get toooooo many bug reports, we need to start filtering them
  5. mitch, make a development release soon
    Yes - that's right! GIMP 2.7.2! Now we just need to define soon :P
  6. LightningIsMyName takes care of next meeting
    Hehe. I'll do that with pleasure :)
  7. setting pages on the wiki to discuss changes in different topics
    Too many changes are done solo and may not be agreed upon by everyone - this is because of lack of places to show plans
  8. LightningIsMyName gets a list of projects on the wiki by tomorrow, developers review the ideas by email or by commenting on the wiki. Saturday (March 5th, 2011) is hard dead line for finalizing the project list!We want to get to GSoC, so we must have a list of projects ASAP! I'm going to work on this and try to get this done tomorrow night
  9. all devs PM/Email LightningIsMyName username and email
    Yeah, so if you are a GIMP dev and you don't have an account for the wiki yet, tell me!

Next meeting: March 14 2011 10:00 PM CET (GMT+1)

If you want to influence GIMP development, and/or contribute, come and attend the next meeting. Just note that the agenda will be decided by email several days ahead, on the developer mailing list - so submit your ideas there. You can also jump to irc://irc.gimp.org/#gimp and people will help you there if you want to help the GIMP project.

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