Sunday, June 5, 2011

[GSoC-2011] Bi-Weekly update #1


After seeing enough student post of weekly updates, I decided that I should probably also give some progress report. I finished porting the poly2tri library to C! My C port can be found here.

Just compiled it today with gcc and not g++, and it feels great to see it working. And when I say to see, I mean that I created an SVG output tester so that you can see it in any modern browser :D
I still have some optimizations that can be done, including maybe some more documentation of the C api (especially for the constructor-destructor conversion from C++ to C), but it's usable enough for the GSoC as it is. Note that most API changes were simply from p2t::SomeClass::GetFoo to p2t_someclass_get_foo (where the object itself was added as a first parameter of the functions).
It was in "almost C" state on wednesday, but then memory leaks happened (solved with valgrind) and some stupid compilation errors...

At the weekend I went to a short vacation on the dead-sea (pictures soon!) and I had 4 people to discuss Chew's second algorithm (which I should implement next) with during the long ride to the hotel. So hopefully with their help it should be quick(er).

That's all for today :)

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