Monday, August 15, 2011

GSoC 2011 - (Almost) Final results and thanks!

The end of Google Summer of Code 2011 is near, and I have failed to post enough updates on my blog. But that does not mean one bit that I failed to make progress. I'm proud to present you with my results:

Result, using my GIMP tool :D
The image to paste (source)
The image to paste into (source)
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

My tool allows you to move the paste on the image and see it update according to it's environment, so that it will paste seamlessly. It's not real-time yet, since I recompute some values that should be cached everytime, but most work to enable caching is done, and I hope to reach that before the final deadline. (Even if it won't be before the deadline, I will do it even after GSoC ends).

This is also the time to thanks all the people who made this possible:
  • The authors of the Coordinates for Seamless Cloning article, who developed this algorithm.
  • Prof. Daniel Cohen-Or, the professor who taught me computer graphics at the university, and helped me understanding the article (he is also one of the article authors).
  • My GSoC mentor, Michael Natterer (aka mitch), who agreed to mentor me and assisted me when I was stuck.
  • Mason Green, the original author of the poly2tri library, which was heavily used in the project for computing interpolation meshes. I would have never reached the project deadline without his amazing library.
  • Prof. Jonathan Richard Shewchuk, who developed some of the geometrical algorithms that were used in this project.
  • Finally, special thanks to all the great guys on the GIMP and GEGL irc who helped a lot - mitch, Bat`O, pippin, Alexia_Death, Mikachu, and more.


  1. Great work, thanks for you hard work! I'm really looking forward to the feature.

  2. Your Ubuntu interface blows my mind. that windows? The world may never know.

    Regardless, I love the project, and love this blog. Congrats on your success with it.