Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quicky Update on my Post-GSOC work

Some people at the GIMP irc said it's rather unwise I work on the post-gsoc work without comitting it to somewhere public. They are probably right :P
Therefor you can see updates on Poly2Tri-C - I'll be updating once in a while (starting from a minute ago). During the weekend, I reached a deep understanding of how wrong my implementation was for the triangulation algorithm because of a misunderstanding of some basic terms. I'm implementing a smaller algorithm (Rupert's algorithm) to see if I'm right now, and then I'll update the main algorithm.

Also, to my few readers: I don't always have enough time to respond to comments because I'm very busy in real life. If you feel it is important, you should be able to find my email on this site - feel free to email me for the important stuff!

And for all the people who celebrate it (like me!), Happy Purim! (Yes, I know it's only in 4 days, it's just that I probably won't get to this blog before the holiday)

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  1. I'm happy for your efforts on Gimp! Keep up the good work. :)